A quick pause for a historic moment

Gridology will resume next week

Question: What happens when you mix 30+ hours of CNN, ABC, and MSNBC with a full-time job, minimal sleep, and a day of epic celebration in NYC?

Answer: Not enough time to craft a meaningful post this week.

I intend for this newsletter to always be a useful and quality use of your time each and every Sunday morning. This week, for obvious reasons, is a bit different.

Again, I won’t get fully into the politics of the moment, but briefly, I’m relieved. For me, a haze has lifted over the country. I’m excited for a Biden/Harris administration that’s anchored in possibilities, as Biden shared in his victory speech.

If you missed their speeches last night, they’re a must-watch:

However, if you’re looking for some Gridology content, I want to share five earlier posts that capture my current mood and are worth rereading:

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Gridology will be back next week with normally scheduled programming. If you have any specific topics you’d like me to tackle, as always please shoot me a note.

Life’s only as confusing as you let it be,

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