Grids are powerful tools.

Welcome to Gridology, a newsletter that answers questions using an analytical approach. Each week, I share my process for solving challenges or exploring issues that are top of mind—be it from topics such as careers, relationships, growth, and business. To do so, I usually use a 2x2 grid (that’s my thing).

Whoa, back up... what's a 2x2 grid? It’s a chart that has two axes and is used to segment a concept into four quadrants. Let me explain:

Grids are simple, analytical tools. They’ve primarily been used in business to assess new market opportunities or organize a competitive landscape. My goal is to take them out of the conference room and make them personally valuable, actionable, and meaningful to you.

The study of analytical and logic-based approaches to answering questions.

By reading this newsletter, you’ll learn how to use gridology in your daily life. Sketching one out on paper (err, in Figma) can help us frame a difficult problem, take a more strategic approach, uncover a trend, keep us open-minded, and widen our perspectives.

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Life is only as confusing as you let it be,

About me, Ross Gordon

Currently, I’m Chief of Staff at Sounder, an audio intelligence platform that helps audio businesses grow with powerful data and insights. Previously, I spent 4.5 years working at LinkedIn in all types of roles: recruiting, customer operations, sales, and insights. Most of my time was spent on the insights team where I leveraged the world's largest professional dataset to build scaled data and reporting tools for thousands of sales reps. I’m a proud Northwestern University and NYU Stern alum—I seemingly can’t shake wearing purple T-shirts.

Thinking in grids has been a way for me to organize my thoughts and drive action in my own life—helping me land five promotions in three years at LinkedIn, start this newsletter, and find more self-compassion in my daily life.

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Published semi-regularly on Sunday mornings, Gridology looks at questions around careers, relationships, growth, and business through an analytical lens.


Writing to help us all be a bit more analytical and focused; Product Marketing at Lattice