I like this one, it helps me reflect on certain friendships by thinking where they would fit on the grid. Though I do find it difficult to determine some people's EQ. Like they may have some traits of high EQ but some traits of low EQ as well. Ultimately, I feel like communication is still key here for a great friendship

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Totally fair—EQ is hard to know. Some ways I go about assessing it:

1. Do your friends accidentally say rude things and don't apologize or realize?

2. Do your friends care about the feelings of others?

3. Do your friends tend to know the right thing to say in a tough situation?

Just a few questions, but should get you started.

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Jul 18, 2020Liked by Ross Gordon

Hmm, sounds like older people would generally have higher EQ, with like more maturity and experience. But ye, these questions help, thanks!

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